The wedding

Once Jim and I were back from the eclipse, wedding work went into high gear. We spent the next three days running errands; assembling crafts; wrapping gifts; introducing relatives; transporting boxes of decor; and sending a flurry of e-mails. On Friday night, we checked off our last to-do item, and then it was time to get married!

Our wedding was on Saturday, and it was a wonderful blur of happy feelings. I think I spent the whole day just floating along on air. The love from our friends and families was totally intoxicating – we’ve spent the last few days coming down from the emotional high. It was an overwhelming experience for both of us, in the best possible way.

Photo by Katherine of Wilde Scout Photography.

Now, a few days later, we’ve mostly recuperated. That means it’s time to start  packing up our apartment in Brooklyn for our long trip – the bike tour.

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